Beat AML initiative


“(As of today,) our website,, now features more information about acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and LLS’s priority Beat AML initiative.  LLS is leading the offensive against AML, which has not had a change in the standard of care in 40 years and remains one of the most lethal cancers. But we are making significant progress!  LLS had the vision to make a “down payment” for patients with AML in 2009 by partnering with Celator Pharmaceuticals to advance CPX-351, an innovative formulation of two existing therapies, which recently outperformed standard therapy in a Phase 3 clinical trial. This investment has the potential to pay off significantly as the first new treatment in 40 years for patients diagnosed with AML.

Now, through our Beat AML initiative, LLS has convened an unprecedented collaboration of renowned academic researchers, pharmaceutical companies, genomics experts and government, to bring to bear all of our combined resources to develop more effective, precisely targeted treatments for patients diagnosed with AML.”

  • Per Dr. Lou DeGennaro, PhD


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