When non-profit and health retail put their minds together.


On March 16, 2016 Walgreens Co. and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) announced a major collaboration to expand the availability of help, resources and support for blood cancer patients and their families everywhere.

“We are proud to team up with LLS on this transformational approach to empowering and supporting patients through our expert oncology specialized pharmacies across the country. With our aligned missions and commitment to serving patients and families, LLS and Walgreens will make an even greater impact on the health and care of the nearly 1.2 million people in the U.S. living with or in remission from a blood cancer.”  said Richard Ashworth, president, pharmacy and retail operations for Walgreens.

This special collaboration helps patients manage their treatments through oral medications in the comfort of their own homes. It allows specialized pharmacists to continue to be the best resource right at the counter for patients and caregivers. This project continues to show that LLS can provide high-quality, up-to-date information in the most timely manner to those that need it most.

  1. Providing educational tools and resources for enhanced patient support.
  2. Implementing educational and training programs to pharmacists to be more knowledgeable in cancer care and additional care options.
  3. Community engagement and corporate support for Light the Night walk national fundraising campaign

The programs within this collaboration will continue to help capitalize on the leading retail shops within Walgreens Co. and the continuing advancements LLS funds and shares throughout their trials and research. With more specialized pharmacy care and even more access to LLS’ resource center patients can find home treatments, support and caregiving opportunities that match their every need.




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