“You’re modified, you’re not broken.”


“I’ve never coached a one legged gymnast before, but I’m willing to try if you’re willing.” Courageous words from Kate Foster’s gymnastics coach.

Kate Foster has been a competitive gymnast since she was 7-years old. Foster was diagnosed with leukemia and a leg infection when she was 12-years old. She was told it was her leg or her life. Her doctors amputated her leg. Most would assume this would end the young girl’s gymnastics career, however when her prosthetic leg was fitted and with the encouraging words of her coach, Kate continued to compete along with her peers. Kate, now 16-years old is held to the same standards as her competitors and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kate’s father posted a video on YouTube of one of Kate’s balance beam routines at a gymnastic meet awhile back. Within days the video had over 5 million views and was an instant inspiration piece for all young adults struggling with their own health battles. The instant fame and viral status of Kate’s journey has been quite the ride for the young girl. “I’m just kinda me.” Kate tells her audience.

See the link below for the feature story from Good Morning America.
Gymnast’s Incredible Comeback


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