Introducing Taylor Carol- 2014 Boston Honored Hero

ImageDo you remember life as an 11 year old? When time was measured not by clocks on a wall, but by the rising and setting of the sun. Long days spent with your best friends playing sports, going to school, and ultimately not having a care in the world. Sadly for countless children across the United States diagnosed with a blood cancer, being 11 years old means something completely different. This is a fact that Taylor Carol, the 2014 Boston Light The Night Walk Honored Hero, is all too familiar with. The simple act of stepping into a batter’s box and getting hit by a pitch changed this carefree kid’s life forever. But here’s the incredible thing, no matter how cancer may change you physically, it does not have to change your heart and spirit. From his initial diagnosis of ALL with Philadelphia Chromosome as an 11 year old, to the day he was cured, all the way to his freshman year at Harvard University, Taylor’s story is a testament to the unbreakable spirit of a young man determined to not let cancer change his outlook on life.

Check out Taylor’s story on our website and keep an eye out for updates from our other incredible Honored Heroes in Nashua, Wakefield, Worcester, and York!


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