The 2013 Light The Night Walk Season- Part 2


For a photo recap of all of our Walks, be sure to click the image above or stop by the Massachusetts Chapter Light The Night Walk Facebook Page!

In the midst of planning for the 2014 Light The Night Walk season, the Massachusetts Chapter’s Light The Night Staff wanted to take a moment to provide a recap of the 2013 Walk season. Without the tireless support of our many Walk participants and volunteers, none of this would have been possible! Thank you to everyone who took part in all 5 of our Walks this year!

In 2013, the MA Chapter of the LLS hosted five Light The Night Walks across Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Altogether the MA Chapter hosted 6,650 estimated participants who walked to the end of cancer. Walkers from York, Wakefield, Nashua, Boston, and Worcester raised $1.6 million in support of the LLS. The 2013 season finished with the Worcester and Boston Light The Night Walks and the annual Awards Party.

 Worcester, MA

In Worcester, MA, 600 participants gathered at East Park in late October to shed a light on cancer with their glowing balloons. Seventy-eight teams registered for the event with 11 corporate teams and 67 friends and family teams. Worcester walkers raised $121,033 for the LLS and its mission of supporting patients and the most innovative research available. The top corporate teams for the Worcester Light The Night Walk were: Toll Brothers ($7,190.41), Dear Jack Foundation – Worcester ($2,215.00), Worcester State University ($1,140.00), National Grid Power Walkers ($1,050.00), and Team OLGC ($647.29). The top five fundraising friends and family teams were: Wendy’s Warriors ($9,320.00), Sully Strong ($6,462.00), Team Gina ($5,384.42), Team Paula ($4,840), and Team Tom Collins ($3,460.00)

 Boston, MA

The Boston Light The Night Walk is the largest event with 4,000 participants who raised $1,010,402. Two hundred and eighty-four teams illuminated the path around the Boston Common with red, gold and white balloons as they walked to the end of cancer.. The top five friends and family teams were: Team Debba ($43,300.00), Strong Samantha ($23,564.00), GI Jane’s Army ($15,443.00), Angels ($13,514.00) and Barton Gilman LLP ($9,394.00). The 5 top fundraising corporate teams for Boston included: –“Boston Strong” ($33,638.00), Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company ($28,843.67), Celgene ($23,674.29), Silicon Valley Bank ($19,122.27), and Infinity Pharmaceuticals ($15,721.23).

 Awards Party

The 2013 Light The Night Awards Party offered an opportunity to celebrate the teams, individuals and organizations from all of the Walks in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We recognized 2013’s Top Corporate Team, –“Boston Strong”; Top Friends and Family Team, Team Debba from Boston; and Top Individual Walker, Nina Gordon.

The 50K Club, 30K Club and 20K Club are awards given to teams that raised over $50,000, $30,000 and $20,000 respectively. Team Elbit Systems of America from Nashua, NH was the recipient of the 50K Club Award. Team – “Boston Strong” received the 30K Club award, their second award of the night. This season, four teams earned the 20K Club Award including: Team Debba, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company, Celgene, and Strong Samantha.

During the reception and awards ceremony we also recognized the top teams from the Wakefield and Worcester Walks. Smart Modular was awarded Top Wakefield Team and Wendy’s Warriors received the award for Top Worcester Team of 2013.

We also recognized the top fundraising location of Marylou’s Coffee. This year’s winner was their Quincy location. More than 20 Marylou’s Coffee locations supported the mission of the LLS by selling paper balloons. In total, they raised more than $20,000 in just one week!

Awards were also presented to the winners of this Walk season’s fundraising challenges:

  • College Challenge: Delta Tau Delta Tufts University
  • HeRO Challenge (Top Fundraising Team): Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company
  • HeRO Challenge (Highest Per Team Member Average): WarpDrive Bio
  • Executive Challenge: Debbie Benjamin

Lastly, Boston sponsors were recognized and thanked for their continued support of the LLS mission: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi Oncology, Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company, Agios, Curis, Fresenius Biotech, Infinity Pharmaceuticals, MGH Cancer Center, Old Mutual, Veolia Environmental Services, Wolverine Worldwide, Miltenyi Biotec, Third Rock Ventures, and WCVB TV.

The MA Chapter of the LLS would like to thank all sponsors, donors, participants and volunteers for their help and efforts to make such inspirational events possible. All dates for the 2014 Light The Night Walk season are now available on our website! We hope to see all of you at one of Walks this year! Thank you for making a difference not someday, but today.

-Submitted by Ana Hurtado, Boston Light The Night Walk walker and Hodgkin’s survivor


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