Who do you walk for?


Exactly one year ago yesterday I participated in my first Light the Night walk. Earlier that morning I had received my first treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and even though it had been a long day I was ready to walk. I walked in Mason, Ohio, where I was receiving my treatments, and I knew it would be an amazing event. But my expectations were nothing compared to reality.  There were more walkers than I could have imagined. Seeing the group of family friends that was there for me inspired me to join them and walk with my white balloon.

Yesterday, without me, they were all reunited as they walked again to support the LLS. Seeing their pictures and imagining walking with them was very emotional for me.


This year, I am back in school in Boston and will be walking later in October. This time, I will be walking with my friends from university. This time, I won’t be walking for myself but for everyone who supported me from the beginning until today.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has created such a special event through Light the Night Walk. It is so inspiring to see all the lit up balloons move towards a goal: walk to the end of cancer. I encourage every one to participate in at least one walk. You can register beforehand or on the day of the walk. The funds raised go to research and to change the lives of patients and their families. At the beginning of the walk we will all be strangers, but by the end we will all be a united support group. Let’s walk to the end of cancer. Not someday, today.

– Ana Hurtado, Boston Light The Night Walk walker and Hodgkin’s survivor



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