Four Minutes to Save a Life

Awareness: The crucial first step to creating positive change. While awareness itself won’t cure cancer – it won’t find that magical, missing ingredient to eradicate the number two leading cause of death in the United States– it can create a ripple of momentum. And eventually that momentum will culminate into something productive. Awareness is the first step.

Did you know that approximately every four minutes one person in the United States is diagnosed with a type of blood cancer?

In the past four minutes while you’ve been, presumably, casually cruising through cyber-space, eventually landing upon this blog, another person’s life was changed forever. And, by the time you finish reading this post, there will likely have been another, or maybe even more than one.

Four minutes means that fifteen people in the United States are diagnosed with blood cancer every hour; 360 people in a day, over 100,000 people in a year. And that’s just the beginning, it’s not even factoring in the other people whose lives are impacted by every blood cancer diagnosis: the parents, children, and extended families; the networks of friends, coworkers, and peers. Every four minutes there is a new diagnosis of blood cancer. Every four minutes another life is turned upside down.

Did you know that approximately every ten minutes one person in the United States dies from a blood cancer?

For every two people entering the cancerous journey, another person’s journey is brought to a screeching halt. Another life ended. Just like that.

Currently, over 1 million Americans are living with, or in remission from, a blood cancer.

These are the cold, hard facts. They aren’t pretty but they’re real. This is why we walk: We walk because somebody’s life depends on it.

Through raising awareness and raising money, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society works to lower these numbers – to increase the span of time separating one diagnosis from another and to decrease the total number of blood cancer related deaths.

Take your next four minutes to help raise awareness for our cause: Share this blog post, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or simply talk to a friend about why you walk.

In these past four minutes, someone was just diagnosed, but thanks to you they can survive.

To share your personal story with our Light the Night community, e-mail to contribute a post to this blog.


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